Premium Personalised Service

Premium Personalised Service

Once an order is placed our team will contact and work with the HSV GEN-F GTS owner to ensure that everything about the vehicle is captured accurately. A digital image of the artwork will be sent soon afterwards for confirmation.

HSV GEN-F GTS Build Number

Build Number

The build number identifies the vehicle helping to reinforce the integrity and authenticity of the vehicle. Presented alongside the number of HSV GEN-F GTS cars produced highlights the exclusivity & rarity of the vehicle.

HSV GEN-F GTS artwork with Custom Plates

Custom Plates

Personalised Plates help make your vehicle standout. That’s why STOMP goes to great lengths to match number plates EXACTLY to ensure this trait is carried through to make the artwork unmistakably your car.

HSV GEN-F GTS Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Attached to every HSV GEN-F GTS drawing in the ONE OF ONE SERIES, the certificate of authenticity, personally signed by artist James Bailey, will demonstrate that you are holding a genuine original Holden Special Vehicles licensed artwork.

Final Finished Framed Drawing


Once confirmed, the owners very own original ONE OF ONE artwork will go into production. Each highly detailed artwork is produced using premium materials and techniques. The final product is presented in an oversized frame measuring:
1110mm (H) x 840mm (W)



The framed picture will typically take 2-3 weeks from the owner confirming all details are correct, to dispatch. The ONE OF ONE SERIES is available for delivery to HSV GEN-F GTS owners in both Australia and New Zealand.

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