Are you a fan of classic Holden cars? If so, then you’ll appreciate this Officially Licensed Holden Sandman Panel Van artwork. These stunning pieces are sure to be the perfect addition to any car lover's home or office décor.


The HQ & HZ series of panel vans were produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia between 1971 and 1980 and featured an iconic design that has become synonymous with Australian automotive culture. The Sandman was one of the most popular versions, featuring unique paint jobs, chrome trim and distinctive graphics on its side panels - all elements which are beautifully captured in this artwork from our collection.

These high-quality prints feature vibrant colours that bring out every detail.  The artist has also included some subtle touches that add an extra layer of realism for fans who remember these classic vehicles fondly.

Whether you're looking for something special to hang up at your place or simply want something eye catching for your office wall, these exclusive Officially Licensed Holden Sandman Panel Van Artworks will surely do justice to your love affair with vintage cars!

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